Frequently Asked Questions

Receive The Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Help Us Pick The Right System For Our Application?

Yes, we can. Oftentimes it’s as simple as a phone call to Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) at 248-853-2011. In other instances you’ll benefit from a more thorough evaluation of your operation. In our Adhesive & Process Test Lab, we can simulate your application to measure output, usage and melt-rate requirements to identify the best system for you to achieve peak productivity.

Can You Help Us Get Started?

Yes, we can. We recognize that if you’re new to hot melts, switching equipment suppliers or making a major system upgrade, you might need a hand. Once you’ve chosen an HMT ProFlex®, Benchmark® or AutoPack® System, we can assist with set up, as well as train your team on start-up, system operation and maintenance.

If Something Isn’t Working Right, Can We Call You?

Yes you can. Expert help from a HMT Technician is only a phone call away. Just phone our Customer Service/Technical Support Line at 248-853-2011 and you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can diagnose the problem and walk you through the solution. In fact, 90% of service or performance issues are resolved right away, with just one call.

If The Problem Can’t Be Solved Over The Phone, Can I Order The Parts And Fix It Myself?

Yes, you can. Our modular designs make repairs easier than you think. What’s more, we’ll help you with two different options:

  • DFS® Repair & Assembly Kits
    Because all hot melt systems need periodic service, we offer DFS® (Designed For Serviceability) Repair & Assembly Kits. Low cost and available for immediate shipment, they’re the surest way we know to minimize downtime.
  • NXP® (New Exchange Program)
    If your pump, hose, gun or any other major component suddenly quits, call us. We will send you a new one at the reduced NXP® price – no waiting! You can later send the old component back to us for repair. Once we return it to you, put it back on your shelf for future emergencies.

If We Can’t Fix It Ourselves, Can We Count On You?

Yes, you can. We have always offered factory service, but now we are better prepared than ever before to help you with our Expanded Factory Service Center. If you need professional help with your HMT system, ship it to us. Expert technicians in our fully equipped and expanded repair facility will diagnose the issue. Of course, we’ll consult with you and get your okay before completing any necessary service.