Benchmark® 200 Series Hot Melt Systems: The Smartest, Surest Way To Get Into Hot Melt Adhesives

Should you choose a hot melt unit with a small melt tank – or a larger one? Handguns or automatic guns? Bead or spray? With our 4th generation Benchmark 200 Series, Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) simplifies your decision-making process … affordably.

  • Pre-assembled and ready to run, right out-of-the-box
  • Built tough for many years of dependability
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Safe and secure system controls

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Benchmark® 205-LV

Small System
8-lb. Hot Melt Tank
Use with up to 2 Handguns

Selection Guide

Benchmark 215-HV

Medium-Size System
13-lb. Hot Melt Tank
Use with up to 2 Handguns

Selection Guide

Benchmark 215-HVR

Microprocessor Performance
13-lb. Hot Melt Tank
Handgun or Automatic Gun, Bead or Spray

Selection Guide

Benchmark® 200 Series:

Affordable Hot Melt Systems With The Power To Meet Your Needs.
  • System Controls

    Easy-To-Use System Controls

  • Steel Gear Pumps

    Cast Iron Steel Gear Pump with Accu-Flow Adjustment

  • Handguns

    Durable, Cool Touch Handguns Weighing less than 1½ lbs

  • Automatic Guns

    Feature Air-to-Open and Air-to-Close Technology for Superior On/Off Control