Hot Melt Turf Equipment

For seam sealing, inlays, and quick repairs

HMT has the right hot melt unit for your artificial turf installation. Our experienced team of professionals is here to work with you every step of the way – from sales to technical service and support.

For complete information on hot melt turf equipment and uses:
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Hot Melt Turf Applicator The Kansas Turf team finishing up a job with the ProFlex® G5-135

More hot melt adhesive applications


HMT® offers  adhesive systems that brings you performance, flexibility, and value.

Hot Melt Packaging Equipment
AutoPack® Systems

For packagers and converters, AutoPack® are specially configured using components from our production-proven Benchmark® and ProFlex®  hot melt systems.
Hot Melt Packaging
Insulated Glass Sealant Systems

Designed for laying down butyls in insulated glass manufacturing operations as well the application of other high-viscosity sealant products.
Pre-Melter photo
Bookbinding, Turf Installation, and More
Featuring 135- and 200-lb. melt tanks for bookbinding, roll coating, artificial turf installation, and other hot melt adhesive applications where high-volume reliability is essential.