Hot Melt Videos

Welcome to the HMT Video Library. The hot melt videos on this page show a few of the applications our customers use our units to complete.  Is there a video you would like to see? Give us some suggestions. Email Jim Koffee.

Hot Melt Technologies

HMT has been providing reliable melt systems since 1981.  The adhesive industry’s first modular units allow for quick upgrades and superior serviceability. Whether you are just getting into hotmelt, or have high industrial volume needs, Hot Melt Technologies, Inc. has the equipment and the service for your glue application.


Entry Level Hot Melt Units

Our cost effective and easy to maintain Benchmark 200 series units have set the standard for both manual and automatic low volume applications.


Hot Melt Spray Nozzle Example

Whether you require wide spray patterns using low viscosity hot melts, or variable spray patterns and volumes using high performance hot melts, we have the solution.  HMT provides the most dependable and versatile spray technology.  Please consult an HMT specialist to discuss your options.


Hot Melt Application

When high volume, automatic dispensing is required, our wide range of automatic systems will meet your needs. Custom designed and manufactured automatic gun units will provide years of production at an affordable price.

Hot Melt for Automotive Carpet

HMT continues to be a leader in supplying hot melt equipment to the automotive industry.  Our systems are the first choice at many Tier 1 Suppliers for fully robotic and semi-automatic applications.  We also offer the best and most reliable handgun systems, capable of dispensing the highest performance hot melts.


Hot Melt for Lamination

HMT provides multi-valve spray technology for lamination applications.  Our systems provide various dispense volumes and patterns to meet your needs.

Hot Melt for Woodworking

We provide the number 1 hot melt choice for woodworking applications.  From cabinet and case good drawers and backs, to the full assembly of cabinets and furniture, we have many system options that can be customized to your specifications.  We also offer two distinct handgun options to support all production environments.


Thank you for watching our hot melt videos!


hot melt videos