Benchmark<sup>®</sup> 200:

Benchmark® 200:

Hot melt entry-level assembly systems
at entry-level prices

<a href=ProFlex ® Hot Melt Industrial Systems:" width="100%"/>

ProFlex ® Hot Melt Industrial Systems:

Custom built for your application

<a href=Benchmark® HP: " width="100%"/>

Benchmark® HP:

Hot melt high-performance assembly systems.

<a href=Specialty Systems:" width="100%"/>

Specialty Systems:

Pre-configured for your industry

Customer Support:

Customer Support:

Focused services to get you started and stay productive,
job after job, year after year.

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Time tested to withstand the rigors of heavy, industrial operations, our ProFlex as well as our Benchmark® and AutoPack® hot melt machines continue to set the standard for reliability, durability, ease-of-service, and value.


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High-Performance Hot Melt Systems From An Industry Leader

Since 1981, Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) has focused on making the best hot melt equipment available and sharing our application expertise with companies just like yours. At HMT, we know the importance of the products you manufacture. Our equipment — and your satisfaction with it is equally important to us. Everything we provide — from hoses to tanks, to guns and nozzles, to spare parts and accessories — is manufactured to the highest engineering, technical, and quality standards. From basic out-of-the-box applicators to specially designed systems, you can rely on HMT to remain committed to you and your continued satisfaction.

So, if you're seeking expertise, value, convenience and satisfaction, remember ...

No One Puts It Together Like HMT®