Benchmark Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives For Virtually Every Application

Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) offers you more than adhesive systems. For single-source convenience, we also provide a complete line of Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesives. From simple case and carton sealing to high-performance woodworking and product-assembly operations, HMT has a Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesive that’s right for you.

Select from a full line of advanced hot melts, including EVAs, polyolefins, polyamides and pressure sensitives. And if our on-demand products don’t fit your exact needs, HMT will work with you to develop the right adhesive for your application.

Hot Melt Basics

Hot melt is used to bond similar and non-similar substrates. It is applied as a molten liquid and, after cooling, the adhesive creates a bond. The bond strength depends on the chemistry of the hot melt and the nature of the substrates being bonded.

Hot Melt adhesives are composed of a base polymer blended with resins, plasticizers, and antioxidants.

  • Base Polymer - provides strength and flexibility
  • Resins - provide wetting and "open time" properties
  • Plasticizer - adjusts the viscosity
  • Antioxidants - provide extended pot life and reduced degradation

HMT offers a wide range of hot melts to meet your industry application needs:

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) – EVAs are one the most widely used hot melts. The hot melt comes in many formulations of varying strength, tack, viscosity, and cost. Typically used in the packaging industry and for general product assembly because of their low cost and short open and setting times.

Amorphous Polyolefin (APO) - Offers a wider performance range than EVAs. Higher heat stability, stronger bonds, and very short to very long open times. Sprayable

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) - These hot melts are soft and tacky. They remain flexible and require pressure to adhere to a substrate. Used for making tapes and for bonding dissimilar substrates such as foam to metal. Bonds created by PSAs often get stronger over time as it replaces the air molecules in the pores of the substrate. Sprayable

Polyamide (PA) – Used exclusively for high performance bonding and potting applications where high heat resistance is required. Great for assembling automotive trim components, wood bonding in cabinet shops, and electrical cable molding. Polyamides are a non-volatile, thermoplastic adhesive resin that provide high heat resistance. Known for its high thermal stability and chemical resistance, PAs commonly have thermal stability up to 375F (190C).

Fugitive - This hot melt is formulated to form a non-permanent “sticky” bond. It can be removed without damaging either substrate, which make it ideal for direct mail and card tipping. Often referred to as “goober glue”.

Butyl Sealants – These products are used to seal Insulated Glass assemblies and in general construction industries where high performance, weather resistant sealing is required. Extremely high viscosity and non-slumping (thixotropic) characteristics.

UL Approved Hot Melts -For automotive and HVAC applications where third party certifications are required.

Full List of Hot Melt Adhesives